The Next Generation Collaboration-based Entrepreneurship Development Platform with integrated Business Plan Development, Collaboration, Training  and Management Tools. A customizable ERP Platform specifically created for New Ventures to Develop, Manage and Monitor  their entire Business.


Virtual Incubator

Virtual Incubator 2.0 supports Business Plan development, reduces time and effort in Monitoring & Mentoring initiatives and enhances the Execution throughout the start-up process. The platform provides rapid and reliable results on the implementation of the Technologies as well as on the Human Capacity building.

Virtual Incubator
  • Connect Entrepreneurs, Advisors, Investors and other Networks.
  • Enhance Value Add by Founders and Advisors.
  • Collective Knowledge Developed and Shared by multiple user types.
  • Facilitate Management of multiple initiatives & Portfolio Management.
  • A.I. e-Intelbook & Back-Up System with Three Levels of Security


The Management of Start-Ups has never been more beneficial with the ability for Knowledge & Technology transfer, the Collaborative development of courses, the multi-incubator management of investors and the implementation of new services and tools.

Virtual Incubator

We are facing a generational change in the world of Entrepreneurship supporting tools. The integration of all systems with a true multidimensional monitoring process offers the ability to centralize all of the resources available to the entrepreneur and provide better Resource Management.

  • Web 2.0 Platform
  • Easily Customizable
  • Integration with Financial Tools
  • Knowledge and Documents Manager
  • Learning Management System
  • Project Management System
Virtual Incubator

A web-based Collective Knowledge management system that is fully customizable for each Entrepreneur by their Advisor Network and Adaptable to the profile of the Entrepreneur and the Timelines of there initiative.


Virtual Incubator

Three years we launched this initiative to Empower both Entrepreneurs & Support Organizations to facilitate Start-Ups

Customizable Solutions

Customized solutions adapted to each user type - Initiative, Entrepreneur, Advisor or Network in terms of Start-Up Management such as; Incubation Procedures, Business Plan Templates, Integrating Existing Training Courses, Profiles, User Management and more.

Collaboration Solutions

A Collaboration Tool between all user Types; Entrepreneurs, Advisors, Investor and even Managed Networks. The transfer of Knowledge and Technology and the Adaption of initiatives in both local environments and international has never been faster and less costly.

Virtual Incubator

Applied to the Training, Business Plan development and Collective Knowledge Management system online. Intelligent systems truly offer Adaptive Tools that create efficiencies and improve the outcome of each Entrepreneurs work .