MatchBox Ventures and our Investor Network invest in Innovation Inspired and Technology Driven Ideas  that change the way peopleThink, Live and Work. Our investment approach is driven by the value based fundamentals of combining Capital with Operational Excellence  and Industry Expertise.


Venture Capital

We invest Time, Money and People in all of our Investments. The investments are balanced across many intersecting sectors impacted by the Technology, Telecommunications and Media Economy. The investments are diversified across multiple markets and the entire economy ranging from start-ups to growth based companies.

  • Type of Investment: Innovation and Technology
  • Stage of Investment:  Start-Up to Growth Stage
  • Investment Range:  Up to $5,000,000

Our Investments benefit beyond Capital because of our Focus on the investment of Time and People. We work closely with the Founders and Company by leveraging our Global Network of Resources, Deep Operating Backgrounds and Industry Expertise to increase the Venture Value, Limit the Risks, Drive Higher Returns and Build a Profitable Company.

Venture Capital

We are interested in Game Changing Ideas that Disrupt Big Markets, Solve Big Problems and Attack Unproven Markets. We only ask that the company have a lot of "Sweat Equity" and a Competitive Advantage with ability to Profit.


venture capitalVenture Capital

We love to SEE, HEAR and READ about Game Changing Ideas. So tell us about your team, the product, the market potential, competitive advantages and what makes you outstanding.


We ask that you send us a summary of your business or better yet, a copy of your business plan. And don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect - that's one of the many things we can help you with. And even better yet if you have Demo we'd love to see it. And lastly we ask everybody to take 5 minutes and send us your pitch via a video.

Venture Capital

We have an extensive network of Angel Investors, Venture Capital Firms and Private Equity Groups specifically interested in Innovation and Technology business opportunities.


Every investor is an approved member of the MatchBox Network and is fully accredited. Our analysts personally match each opportunity to the investors criteria using our investment strategy. In addition, the investors have access to both the MatchBox Partner database an the Virtual Incubator system for personal deal sourcing and M&A opportunities.


Venture CapitalNot every investor is a partner in the Venture Fund and we do not invest in every business opportunity but we believe every deal deserves an opportunity so every business plan is open to our MatchBox Partner database. Investors love us because our the Network is on an approved basis only and we have the Next Generation Entrepreneurship Platform, but most of all Investors follow our investment strategy and use the Network for Venture Management and Advisory plans.

Venture Capital

A High-Growth Fund in the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) Market. The Fund operates as an Evergreen Fund and targets Emerging Venture-Grade companies with high-growth potential and attractive risk-return prospects. The targeted investments are operating post product development and in a growth phase with the ability to achieve Free Cash Flow.

  • Internet
  • New Media
  • Digital Media
  • Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure
  • Technologies
  • New Software
  • High Technology
  • Telecommunications
Venture Capital

With Capital Commitments of more than $50 million, our Fund capacity to invest in new opportunities. Additionally, we co-invest with institutional, private sector and angel investors from around the globe.

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