MatchBox Ventures is a leading Venture Firm for Entrepreneurship.We are in the Business of Building Companies and invest Time, Money and People into each Venture. We Provide all of the essential Support, Services, Tools and Resources  necessary for a Start-Up and are able to Manage  the entire process in our Virtual Incubation Platform. Our New Approach is through a Growing"Managed Network" of  Entrepreneurs, Advisors and  Investors.


Think it | Spark it | Fuel it


If you are like us – You LOVE Building Cool Stuff, Pushing What’s Possible, Breaking New Ground, Imagining The Future… We are Passionate about Entrepreneurship and Turning Great Ideas into Game Changing Companies with Global Impact.

  • Entrepreneurship Creates Economic Growth
  • Entrepreneurs Manage Risk VS Take Big Risks
  • Real Innovation and Great People = BIG Profits
  • Make Competition Irrelevant by Creating The Market
  • Product Start-Up Guys and Entrepreneurs are Different
  • The Business Model Is Just As Important As The Product
  • The Process Of The Business Plan Is The Product Not The Plan
  • Every Start-Up Needs A Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician
  • Working IN The Business VS Working On The Business – Learn it!
  • Resource Management Is Managing Time, Money and People Efficiently
  • The Investment of Time and People Is Just As Important As Investment Capital

We also believe we have a “Art & Science” Formula for Start-Ups and New Venture Creation figured out. Did you know that 87% of companies are still in Business 5 years later after successfully graduating from a Business Incubation Program.

MatchBox is comprised of leading Serial Entrepreneurs, Seasoned Operators and Financial Executives with a large and growing Managed Network of skilled Entrepreneurs, Advisors and Investors who have also been involved in New Ventures and Start-Up environments. Our Executives lead the Vision and Strategy of MatchBox while our excellent Operations staff supports our business and many of our Partners and Clients. The ever growing Managed Network is comprised of Thousands of connections and Spans virtually every area of Innovation, Technology and Finance from around the Globe.